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A woman got angry after she ordered a cake for her son but then received this!

The world is full of surprises as well as funny people. People hustle differently but some end up messing up on the things that they claim to be good at and leave customers disappointed.

Take for example Rasta the artist still does clumsy paintings which always have people talking but he never gives up he still continues with his paintings.

A woman named Kamo Marven went on twitter to vent after she received something different from what she had ordered. She claims to have ordered a cake for her son probably a newly born baby as she did not mention the age but what she received angered her.

She posted the picture of the cake and wrote “I order a cake for my son then this lady gives me a cake of a baby Cyril Ramaphosa. Tweeps laughed hard at this post and they kept on asking her if Rasta was not the one who did the cake.

The baby to some extend does look like Cyril but she never disclosed the pictures of her on so that people could actually tell what went wrong.

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Cyril Kamo Marven Rasta


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