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If I stay, I die: the dancer and influencer Jeny Bosenge hit by her ex, denounces

The young dancer posted a long text on Instagram, to denounce the violence of which she is a victim and to encourage women who suffer the same thing as her to react.

 Brussels dancer and influencer Jenifer Mboyo Bosenge, more commonly known as Jeny Bosenge, posted a disturbing photo on Instagram this Sunday, October 3. The young woman, recently separated from her husband, said she was beaten by the latter. And it looks like this isn't the first time… She decided to react and talk about it.

 Jeny's post is making the rounds on social media and has garnered a number of reactions on Instagram. The dancer posted a photo showing her with her left eye very swollen, which has angered internet users, including influencers like Romy.

 "I AM NOT AFRAID TO TALK ANYMORE! Experiencing different forms of violence throughout a relationship and being silent. Forgive, accept, endure, and fall in love again, think that everything will be better… Be afraid to speak, be afraid of the reaction of people. Be afraid of threats. Be afraid to go out. Being afraid of harming someone and their career, Being afraid of dying if you speak up. The blow I received was the LAST! It was TOO MUCH, ”writes the young woman in the caption of her photo.

 “My life doesn't end there. My life doesn't end with marriage I have so much talent, so many other much more positive and ambitious things to share with you. NEVER AGAIN. I do NOT encourage harassment, I do NOT encourage hatred. So don't try to get revenge for me. I don't need revenge I need to break free. Leave that person. Justice and divine justice will do their job. God is righteous, God is great. I do not worry. For all women in this kind of situation even if in your opinion it is not serious and you are told that marriage is not easy & that you have to endure! At the first sign of violence leave !!!!! I should have left sooner! Don't wait for the fatal blow. GO !!!! And for you my ex-fiancé I would like to say THANK YOU for honoring me in public I also say GOODBYE and FOREVER in public because if I stay, I die ", she adds.

 A poignant text that has something to worry about, to which her ex-fiancé also reacted by totally denying the facts.

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