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Check Out See Why Quinton Is Leaving Scandal: Read Here

He's been playing similar person for a very long time. Despite the fact that he totally adores his job on etv's Scandal!, he was prepared for a new test. So whenever an opportunity to be essential for SABC 1's new sitcom uBettina Wethu came around, he snatched it. Entertainer Brighton Ngoma got the gig to play Thabang "T-Bang" Moeketsi on uBettina Wethu. It is the South African version of Ugly Betty.

Brighton has been playing financial specialist Quinton Nyathi on etv's Scandal! also, he says he invites the change in light of the fact that the new person is nothing similar to Quinton. Thabang is mean, underhanded, emotional and childish. He is all that Quinton was not. He is simply faithful to his cousin Lakhe, however else he is continually conspiring and being naughty. 

"I have been aching for a job like this since I was beginning to question myself as an entertainer and the business all in all. I was somewhat thinking about hanging up my boots, however at that point this went along. As an entertainer I trust expand and not do exactly the same thing for a really long time to try not to be pigeonholed." 

Had the acting fizzled, Brighton says, he would have considered something that has to do with vehicles. "My other energy is motoring. Last year I began doing recordings for vendors as well, similar to Top Gear flows. I'm into speed and the mechanics of vehicles. Turning is the solitary thing that doesn't sound good to me," he says. "It's a misuse of elastic," he jokes. 

Being on uBettina Wethu will be a chance for watchers to see an alternate side to him, the entertaining side. "I do believe I'm clever. I come from a group of theater individuals who consistently cause you to remain alert with mind and mockery. I'm glad to take advantage of my comedic side for this show." 

Brighton has Vitiligo and is exceptionally open with regards to the skin condition. "I went through my own exploration about the condition and learnt it is totally easy and it isn't infectious. I needed to burrow profound and find my stride. One of the most noticeably terrible things can happen to you on TV, when you body begins to change. I needed to choose what I needed to do, you know, did I need to cover it up with make-up – which would have been a bad dream strategically on the grounds that it would take excessively long, or did I need to have it remembered for the storyline. Eventually, I chose to carry in transit I was doing. 

"It began with simply a spot on my elbow and clearly I wasn't remaining before the mirror regular taking a gander at my elbows. Then, at that point it spread. I was around 20 when I originally saw it and there has been a quick spread throughout the most recent 10 years. 

"I believe that everybody ought to acknowledge that we are altogether interesting, acknowledge our uniqueness and make every second count as we are," he says. 

Entertainers Lorcia Cooper and Clint Brink have been vocal with regards to how they feel there is an absence of portrayal of shaded entertainers who are in lead jobs, yet Brighton would not be attracted to that discussion. 

"I don't think it is an important discussion to have. I don't care to be enclosed any way," he finishes up.

Content created and supplied by: Tshuketana (via Opera News )

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