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Latest News: New reality show Face to Face draws Mzansi's attention

Face to face is he new reality show


Sources: Mzansi Magic Twitter page

Face to face is the new reality show that plays on Mzansi Magic channel 161. The show is about the confrontation when you know your partner is cheating on you. The show brings in the main, the side and the one who is being cheated on. This show helps people to find closure about the relationship they have with their partners if one is no longer interested. By calling this show you are able to get all truth you want to know about your partner if they are being honest with you or plays with your emotions.

In the latest episode it shows a woman her name is Nonhle who her main boyfriend is Siboniso and Sfiso a side at the same time. Siboniso stated that Nonhle has all the cheating signs and he wants to know if there is someone else on Nonhle's life. Nonhle had no choice to come clean that she is cheating on her main and she has a side boyfriend named Sfiso. Nonhle and Sfiso have been dating for a while and Nonhle fell pregnant for the side not main...yes you read that right for the side.

Nonhle had a miscarriage and she also stated that the reasons on why she ended up cheating on Siboniso. She stated that Siboniso is to eager to come and meet her family and she is not ready for the big step. I think Nonhle should have came clean that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with Siboniso than to hurt him like she did especially on the national television. Siboniso looks like a cool guy and honest guy he truly did not deserve what Nonhle did to him. In my opinion i think as a grown up it is much better to tell what is in your heart than to play with another person's emotions because they might end up experiencing a depression because of your irresponsible actions.

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