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The baby daddy wants this to happen to unborn twins. Check here


Exploring pregnancy after a relationship has finished can be interesting, yet numerous individuals appear to make it work. 

One lady thought she planned to make some intense memories when she discovered she was expecting subsequent to dating a man for just three months. 

She asserts they had punched out and he'd effectively returned to his ex when she found she was pregnant with twins. 


At first, she didn't think he'd need a lot to do with the children, yet he was "happy" as his accomplice has recently been advised she'd always be unable to get pregnant normally and he'd for a long while been itching to be a father. 

As indicated by The Mirror, this all appeared all good, until the sweetheart began going about as though the kids were hers and the mum-to-be was simply a proxy. 

The anonymous lady clarified all in a post on Reddit: "I dated a person Joe for a quarter of a year prior to he left me to return to his ex. Just after we separated, I discovered I was pregnant and now I'm at 24 weeks. I let him know and he was happy. Turns out his better half had richness issues and would probably always be unable to get pregnant normally and he has for a long while been itching to be a dad." 

"Reuniting was impossible for the two of us, so he's still with his sweetheart." 

As per the ex, when he told his accomplice she went crazy about her barrenness. 

"I met them at their home, and she expressed that she needed to be engaged with my pregnancy since she would in the long run be the kids' stepmother. 

"She began disclosing to me that I expected to do a home birth, that I expected to recipe feed so they could have the children half of the week, that she needed one kid and one young lady, and that she needed the children to call her mother since they would call me mama. 

"I shut her down and said I would settle on the most ideal decisions for my kids," said the lady.

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