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Music should be your hobby.

Unless you want to lose the love for it, never make music your job, instead make it a hobby; unlike a job, the hobby never bores one.

The moment you start to see music as work, no matter how little disappointment you will lose your focus and at the same time automatically deteriorate the propensity to reach the top of the music industry. By definition, your hobby is what you like to do on a regular basis in your spare time for fun.

People choose their hobbies based on what they like the most, in the sense that there are a lot of things that can make you smile; you may feel excited to do over a hundred things for fun, but one thing appeals to you the most.

The same thing that you can do with or without money is your hobby. Therefore, if you really want to get deep into the music business, you start to consider making your hobby nothing but music.

If you really want to achieve incredible success in music, there is no tour de table, music should and should be your hobby, as a hobby you do it over and over for fun, to relax, eat with it, take a bath with it, on the bus, in the street, sing it and rap it anywhere, anytime. It's not madness, it's just a hobby and people will understand.

Your musical aspiration will always lack passion and commitment, until music becomes your hobby. When there is no passion for what you are doing, you are probably not going to stay there that long.

Passion ignites the craving for more and more of what you do; A job that lacks passion also lacks commitment, just like music, when the passion is not there, the zeal for music dies slowly and completely in you.

When you are committed to something, it means that you make time every day to work on perfecting it; Music is about practice, and practice makes perfect.

As a musician, you will surely aspire to be known around the world through your music, perform on international stages, win award after award for making sweet music; not bad, it's supposed to be every musician's dream and prayer.

These are all prizes, now listen to this "There is a price for every prize" period. When you lack passion and commitment for what you do, paying the price becomes unrealistic.

There is no great business without love for their business / product. Make music for love first, then the money will follow. Learn and train hard to be the best in your genre; People will pay you more, not necessarily because you don't have a competitor but just because you are good at what you do, this applies to everything in life.

So make your music a hobby, have some passion for it, get involved and the sky will be your limit.

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