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Date My Family: Mandisa impresses Mzansi as she teaches her date about Consent

The new season of Date my family commenced this evening. The show is about singles who are looking for love however you first meet their family members before going out on a date with a lady or man of your choice based on how their families represented them.

This evening viewers were introduced to Tawanda who was so arrogant and disrespectful. It was quite clear Tawanda was selling himself to the public however he wasn't being true to himself. Tawanda responded rudely to questions, he had no regard for the singles families. Infact in the second family he didn't even finish his food when he was told his potential date is a mom.

Tawanda ended up choosing the first family which was Mandisa's family. Mandisa is very tall and very gorgeous with a beautiful smile. She was all friendly in the car until they got to their destination. Mandisa addressed the issue of CONSENT. Apparently Tawanda touched one of Mandisa friends in a way that wasn't pleasant to her. However Tawanda didn't even understand what was being said to him.

Tawanda told Mandisa he touches people to show friendliness. However Mandisa had to educate him about consent, she told him he can't touch people without their consent. This date made it clear that probably men don't understand what consent is. People need to understand that before touching a woman in any manner you need their permission. Let it be her choice if you want to touch her to show kindness.

Let her give you consent to hug her or even touch her hand. Through out the little education Tawanda kept on disagreeing with Mandisa. He didn't give himself the opportunity to listen so he learns what is being said to him. Mandisa proved to be a beauty with brains. She shared her knowledge politely and very calmly. She didn't insult the guy to pass her point but told him straight facts. Mzansi uppluaded Mandisa for educating arrogant Tawanda.

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