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How to spot a psychopath


We’re all familiar with famous psychopaths such as Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lecter, but psychopaths don’t live in the imagination of a fiction writer. They are alive and well and living among us. In fact we all might know one.  

More famous faces who portray psychopathic traits include Ellen DeGeneres, Elon Musk and Reese Witherspoon, just to name a few. Psychopathy is a very interesting area of study that include very detailed tests, which are scored on a three-point scale. 1 – being no traits, and 3 – being very likely to be psychopathic.  

Some of the numerous traits psychopaths might portray: 

They are extraordinarily charming 

Ted Bundy is a prime example. In most photographs, he is always seen smirking. He was known for charming his way to his victims, either by taking advantage of his good looks, or by playing the hurt victim card himself. Psychopaths have a wonderful charisma about them which acts as a magnet for others. This makes it easy for them to manipulate others to their will. That’s why many psychopaths are CEO’S. 

They exploit your weaknesses  

Psychopaths are very quick to read a person or read the room and adapt accordingly. They know what you need, whether it be social acceptance or even a weakness such as gullibility. They aren’t afraid to use this to their advantage. They have a superpower of sizing you up and extracting what they need. They will use it against you later. 

They say all the right things 

You may have a relationship with a psychopath and not be aware of it. They have a subtle way of telling you what you want to hear which makes it very hard to see that you might be being used. Psychopaths never show any ill-intent even though they always have an agenda. 

Fear? There’s no such thing! 

Psychopaths have a risk-taking personality. They might seem blind to the consequences of their choices. They might gamble all their assets into a new business venture without drawing up a business plan, or even bet their life savings at a casino.  

They have no conscience 

 They often seem aloof or even bored. They have a need to be constantly entertained. Psychopaths completely lack empathy towards any other person. Therefore it’s easy for them to be mean or even sadistic. They may portray a burst of anger towards someone and choose another victim once they get bored. Both a sociopath and a psychopath share this trait. 

Arrogance! So much arrogance. 

They have an inflated sense of self-importance which is clearly not true in the real world. They seem to need everyone to bow down to them, even if they are wrong. They live a life of pure entitlement. This trait may be the reason why psychopaths have trouble with long term relationships and consistent work history. The rules don’t apply to me! 

Families of convicted murderers which have scored high on a psychopathy test, often say that they never saw any indications of evil. 

Psychopaths either love animals or hate them. 

Hitler was an adorer of animals. So much that he had animal welfare as a prime foundation in Nazi Germany. Speculations are that psychopaths are very fond of animals because they’re subjective. Animals have no free will and are therefore very obedient. This may also be the reason why animals make very good practice victims to psychopaths.  

Not all psychopaths are raging serial kills. Some are actors, CEO’s, maybe even a supervisor at your workplace. Psychopathy is based on nature, not nurture. Of you may know someone portraying some of these traits, get out. One cannot grow empathy.  

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