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Can Sne trust Dr Dhlomo to be the man of her dreams? | Durban Gen | Entertainment

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There is no doubt that love is a beautiful thing. Although relationships can move from great to messy and from messy to complicated, it is no secret that with the right person; it is worth it.

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Sne is one character known for her bubbly personality and ambition as far as her love life is concerned. She has always made it clear that, she does not want to be in a relationship with anyone who is below her league. Nurse Mtshali has very high standards in terms of the man that she wants to have as her husband. It has always been her dream to be "Mrs Doctor Somebody". That dream seemed far fetched until she got intimate with Dr Lindelani Zulu and became pregnant with his baby. Despite her short lived excitement ended by Lindelani's unwillingness to be part of the pregnancy and ultimately the baby's life, there seems to be hope for Sne.

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One, Dr Sphe Dhlomo finds himself not wanting anything to do with any other nurse, not even Matron Nkabinde - except Sne Mtshali. According to him, Sne is strong, beautiful and focused & that's what seems to have him hooked on the gorgeous nurse. Can Sne trust Dr Dhlomo to be the committed man of her dreams? This question arises because, after her "fallout" with Dr Zulu, Sne wanted nothing to do with men. With Sphe being conceited and arrogant according to Sne, could it be that he is the one that she has been looking for?

Perhaps her relationships with the likes of L'vovo and Macgyver failed because they were not really what she wanted. What is shocking is, Sne wasn't interested in the grand gesture that the Dr tried to pull off. The cologne that costs over R6000 and the invitation to dinner failed to get her interested. This is shocking because, it is known that Sne loves men with expensive taste.

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Could this be a sign that, the relationship she might have with Dr Sphe will yield a more positive result unlike the previous ones? Could the foundation of this seemingly genuine relationship be the thing that causes it to stand and pass the test of time? The ten minutes that turned into a wonderful time that Sne and Sphe spent together was nothing short of maturity and beauty. Say anything comes out of them spending time together, do you think Sne will be honest about her pregnancy or this will be an opportunity for her to pin it on the unsuspecting doctor?

At the end of the day, all of us deserve to be happy, to love and to be loved. But before anything, let's start by loving ourselves.

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