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OPINION| Makhadzi Has a Right to Support the ANC

Makhadzi dragged for wearing ANC colours, twitter users aren't happy that Makhadzi performed during a ANC rally in her home province of Limpopo. People have serious problems Imagine if she came wearing red at a black, yellow and green event, she has to look the part. Besides people should have had a problem with her performing which again would be hypocritical, because every now and then ANC hires artists to do these performances.

Let her be, no one says anything about Shimza let her do it. Her ANC, her vote, her province, her money. The girl is securing the bag and that is totally fine, If ANC wants to win it will use every trick in the bag, why not attack it. People always get themselves in people's business guess their own problems are heavier to tackle. Many artist are currently performing for different political party events, so she's doing the same as well, so why the big fuss about her in Anc colorsShe can choose any political party she wishes to be associated with, she has that right just like every south African as we all have the right to choose. At this point artist have to make money anywhere they see fit during the lockdown they where the hardest hit, and no one gave a hoot about them same even lost they cars and homes because of lose of income they should make lots of money, now because who knows after the elections its back to level 5. We need to stop this thing of telling artist how to live their lives they are also human, who are making a living for their families

After all Makhadzi is an artist she is there to make money, I am not an ANC supporter and will never give them my support but when artists get paid for their performance, why do we have to question it ?

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