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Let's stop body Shaming

I have always been passionate about stage from a young age of 12, I wrote fairy tales . I obtained a distinction in Acting at the University of Limpopo and 5 modelling titles just to make name a few. This year I tried to enter a pageant just to obtain a title for this year, and I scooped 1st princess though I am not the queen, I was really proud, I recalled in the past when I used to go home with nothing, it was so painful, I wish the could be pageants that could give all participants prizes even those who did not win, as some contestants cry. Pageants should empower not discourage.

With this recent plus size title I am so excited and proud. I want to talk about body shaming, it is such a cruel thing. The media make girls to believe that in order to be beautiful you must be yellow bone and curvy. This is wrong perception as beauty comes in different ways. Even skinny girls have issues about their weak points, some have issues about their pimples. As women we should stop girl hate, looking down on others makes you a monster

No one chose to be born with certain features. When we were born no one asked to be tall, short so why judge someone based on their genetics. As a person you should aim to empower others. People commit suicide due to bullying. My pastor does not we for himself alone pastor V.V Nhlongwane, he helped a lady whom after her husband passed on her husband's house, robbed her and the kids of the husband's money. The sister in-law hired a woman to claim that she was married to their brother when in real terms they never had affair. Our pastor provides for her and her children , he mentors other kids and pay for their fees. Show value by encouraging, motivating, giving instead of destroying. Thank you this is my message, LET'S STOP BODY SHAMING.

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