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Anele’s boyfriend bought a prostitute? [“We might be short but we do have brains.]

“We might be short but our brains are well oiled!”-said Hloni.

The Portuguese man that captured Anele’s heart has embarrassed Anele to the core! He has admitted to cheating on Anele and how she should get used to it.Her friends came guns blazing for his ill treatment of their friends.

Imagine your boyfriend buying a prostitute while on vacation with you and your friends!

Truly unfortunate how she is being taken advantage of.

Yet another storyline brought to isn’t Moja Love that has been keeping us glued to our television screens and social media pages. Giants of the city is a show featuring little people who lead lives as we all do. An amazing production that tells the story of Anele, Hloni, Makopano and Fistos as well as Judah.

Hloni is one smart lady ,she went on to suggest pulling out the CCTV footage that shows the story from how it started to how it ended with him in a towel accompanying the girl out of their shared bedroom.

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