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DJ Oskido says your life wii be difficult if your coping other people for lifestyle

If you are coping with what other people are doing, you have the most difficult lifestyle. He is very certain because people are different and their journeys are always different. Many people have been trying to copy other people's lifestyles from what they are doing, which is what it comes from their life journey. It would start with having a fake social media account and pretending to be someone.


That is why you will come across social media accounts that others created as it is someone they are coping from. DJ Oskido simply wanted people to begin their own journey through life. The moment you start focusing on having to copy someone's lifestyle, how are you going to be happy? People can't entirely like the same things, and that is why, even from identification, people are different.

Why would you start a habit of being someone? You can have someone as your role model, but you still can't copy what they are doing exactly as done by that person. It is more about doing what you can and you can't do something because your friend is doing it. It has to come from love. Oskido has been around for a long time and surely he knows more about life.


He once said, "Don't worry about what I am wearing, but the music I am making." That is why it is the number one reason he is happy. He went back to being a student, and just because he has been enrolling the university Pretoria, does not mean you can have a student number too. You don't have the same reasons that made him take the decision to go back to studying.


It is important to listen to older people like Oskido because they have more experience of life. It is not coming from technological changes. When you have a TikTok account, you have to be yourself even though you may be doing the same challenge, which is for fun. You have to know who you are first.

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