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The Amapiano Fight Takes An Ugly Turn

The fight between the two talented Amapiano artists is taking an ugly turn.

The famous South African Amapiano Dj and Vocalist, Dj Maphorisa took it to Facebook on Monday the 31st of January, to claim that the fellow talented artist, Mlindo the vocalist and Nyiko Bilankulu had backstabbed him. Maphorisa claimed that they didn't give him his percentage for royalties. 

The fight has caused other artists such as Nyiko, Howard Gomba and DangerFlex to join in 1n now the fight is getting uglier. 

Gomba has taken a step to defend Mlindo the vocalist. Gomba in his response to Maphorisa was ;" How do you not know who is managing your own artist for two years, Themba? That clearly shows that you were or are not interested in your own artist. Mlindo wants to come back to Blaq boy. He said he didn't want to be under you anymore because you are persuading him to do Amapiano and collaborate with other artists, which he's not comfortable doing-hence you left him and did not care about him for two years, "

He continued to say ;" You appointed Nyiko as Mlindo's road manager, right? Who was Mlindo's Dj? Who took him to gigs? Who was managing him? Who was taking care of his family? Who was always encouraging and advicibg him to start businesses? Who was always there when the young man got involved in a car accident? People deserve to know the truth, " he said

He then accused Maphorisa for not paying his percentage," I haven't received my percentage in all the work I've done with you and for you,starting with your first album in 2016. I'm sure not many people know it. I honestly feel you delusional because even the Amablesser album is still pending. I'm stuck financially because of you. I still love you bro and still want to work, but only when you are willing to be open and honest, " he posted. 

Nyiko said Maphorisa was starting a big fight and he was ready to expose him. 

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