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What will happen next to moja love presenter

Jub jub had a great year with his shows being favorites to many people in south Africa.

Jub Jub is well known for trying to help people who are in relationships to be able to find their solid ground in their relationships.

It seems like things have taken a turn for jub jub but this is not the first time that things takes a turn for jub jub as he was arrested before but not due to rape.

amanda du pont was tears in tears telling the world how abusive jub jub can be and how controlling he was the time they were dating.

What seems to be the catch about the story that jub jub raped amanda du pont for 2years is that they were dating and staying together.

amanda said that she couldn't have sex with jub jub because she believed that it was important for her to wait for the her marriage before she could be involved in any sexual activities.

What is more interesting Is that amanda believe that she was not the only one that was raped by jub jub.

made it clear on social media that she will be taking legal action against jub jub, many ladies also appeared to say that they were raped by jub jub.

According to the interview that jub jub had with macG it looks like the point of the show was to expose the top celebs in the industry, but jub Jub further said that many people have said bad things about him and he was strong enough to be able to handle the pain.

But there's a catch about the interview because jub jub said that he Will be honest on the interview about everything.

Things have taken a turn for jub jub as now many believe that he did rape amanda du pont and also many ladies came on the table to report about jub jub.

The moja love show decided that since jub jub had the interview with macG on his own ground the show will never support gender based violence, this resulted that jub jub Will be suspended from the show.

It is difficult to say what Will happen next because according to Kelly khumalo and her sister they believe to say that jub jub is abusive, this created a stigma to believe that jub jub deserve to be in jail.


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