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“Rasta needs to come here for tutorials”- SA reacts after Spotting this from BIG Zulu’s fans head

Artist Lebani Sirenje, famously known as Rasta, displayed paintings of the late archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu outside the St George's Cathedral. Rasta used to be the people’s artist back in the days but now people no longer like his paintings as they think he’s trash.

Now yesterday he was heavily dragged on Twitter after a local barber was seen doing the unbelievable on Big Zulu’s fan head. It appears that Big Zulu has become a living legend in kwazulu natal as a young boy went to a barber and requested that he draw big Zulu’s face on his head.

After seeing that The barber sketched his face as it is , a lot of people were so impressed and started looking at his address as they claimed that he’s 2x better than Rasta and Rasta must contact that barber for tutorials.

“Rasta needs to come here for a few tutorials, '' says a user on twitter.


In my point of view I think that Rasta is the best artist in the land and he doesn’t need to be compared with local barbers because putting paint on paper is not child’s play and he’s also good at his job.

What’s your view about this matter? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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