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"It Was Never A Stroke" Truth Revealed On What Killed Deborah Fraser. Vaccine Is Included. Disbelief

The cause of Deborah Fraser's passing has been determined.

The news of Deborah Fraser's unanticipated death has been received with sadness, as it has taken many of her admirers by surprise. People on social media claimed she may have been murdered by a vaccine because she was already vaccinated.

She was a living legend because of her dedication to the music industry, and her untimely death makes these rumors seem implausible, yet they are in fact genuine.

On her Facebook page, one of the people who worked with Deborah Fraser has released a brief statement confirming that she has passed away. According to reports, she was ill, which is believed to be the cause of her death. We extend our condolences to Deborah Fraser's family during this difficult time, as she was one of the most inspiring people for many of us.

The tribute for Fraser at House of Treasures Ministries in Alberton, Gauteng, became emotional as arts advocates attacked the government for ignoring artists.

Before Vuyani Mpofu, the head of the Gauteng department of sport, arts, culture, and recreation, could speak, Ike Khumalo, an advocate, took the stage and addressed the government.

Khumalo stated that the government has failed in its responsibility to help artists and other creatives, but that it has always wished to attend memorial ceremonies for deceased artists.

He urged the government, if it claims to care about local artists, to donate R10 million to Fraser's children.

Khumalo asserted, using strong language, that Fraser never received the help she deserved.

"I can never sit here and act as though everything is normal. This administration has disregarded Fraser. Sis' Debs was a major celebrity, but the department never supported her. She was fighting by herself.

"In the end, all these government officials receive a monthly paycheck, whereas artists do not. Therefore, it can't be natural. Before leaving the podium, he remarked, "Let them take R10m from Nathi Mthethwa's R22m flag money and deliver it to Debs's children."

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