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Congratulations to top 7 IdolsSA seasons 17, the showstopper was Awesome.

Top 7's performance of [email protected] and [email protected]'s 'Osama' was Awesome. That performance definitely seized the needs that disease with ease. the person behind choreography understood the assignment.

The production team did the most on this one, season 17 IdolsSA showstopper.Today’s beautiful judge guest was beautiful Thembi Seete.

As much as the lyrics say, 'You'll never need two 'cause I will be your number one', Mzansi will always need S'TWO TWO KILE because you are the one you did that. Right song choice dance for me by Beyoncé.

Siya Mziziz Out done himself from the last performance he did last week and i think last week he was the weakest link but today  he  was of fire, you performed like is your last performance keep it up brother Idolssa makes our lives difficult who do we even vote for now. Stellar performance by #IdolsSASiaMzizi, singing @DeMthudaSA @SIR_TRILLSA and @MuziqalChef's #JohnWick, we think he's proven his sterring status.

All we're asking is that you show #IdolsSAKarabo respect, this girl is such a diva and knows her story. What a Powerful performance by Karabo, singing 'Respect' by legendary Aretha Franklin and you could be a powerful instrument in her success on by voting for her.

This is your leader, the boss, #IdolsSADaylinSass. What a multifaceted performance, we bow down to your talent Daylin, and we hope [email protected] and @Usher felt it.

#IdolsSABerry, you've definitely got a hold on Mzansi chile! To keep this "soul sister.

couldn't the camera catch Randell while Nqobie was performing we wanted to see something. Randal is a HUGE fan of Nqobi and he’s not shy to say so she definitely can sing indeed.

Show Kevin some respect, he is not contending with anyone. He did it, single-handedly. Kevin understood the assignment. That was a show stopper.Everything was on point.

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