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My Wife And I Are Childless; We've Given It To God- Popular Actor Confirm

In a public post on his official Facebook page, Roverman productions limited Chief Executive Officer, producer, and actor Uncle Ebo Whyte openly discussed the fact that he and his wife do not have children. Confirming that is considered a highly daring move by many.

According to him, it is neither a humiliating nor a secret that should be kept hidden from the general public's view of things. Uncle Ebo Whyte is the type of person who makes lemonade out of bitter lemons, just as he has done for years. That is, he takes advantage of every opportunity to make a good and significant difference.

"Accept the circumstances and entrust everything to God. In our years of childlessness, my wife and I have committed our lives to God, and he has transformed them into many better things in our life "Uncle Ebo Whyte gave his recommendation.

"When we went to the hospital, we were assured that everything was in working condition. The pregnancy, on the other hand, will not occur. We turned to prayer and fasting, but the situation remained the same. We, who counsel and pray for others to have children, were unable to have children ourselves. I informed my wife that she shouldn't even think about it. We left it over to God, and as he has done in the past, he transformed it into greater things." Uncle Ebo made the statement.

"Don't be concerned with altering conditions that can't be altered anyhow. We now have an infinite number of adoptive offspring. The quantity is so large that my wife and I would not have been able to create them all." The well-known playwright went on to say more.

Following the news, he took use of the occasion to encourage people to seek the face of God at all times.

This is not the first time that this individual has shared his personal struggles in order to serve as a source of education for others. He once came out to talk about his long-standing addiction to masturbation and how he was able to overcome this addiction.

Take a look at his message on his Facebook page, which has been recorded below. Also, he took advantage of the situation to invite people to his theatrical performances.

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