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Thembi’s gift is unmatched, this is what she revealed on yesterday’s episode #Dlozilam

Thembi Nyathi Appreciation, We are Proud of her For Representing us so well as a medium  psychic .Can we as the Country Honour and Respect this women,Give Her Flowers while still alive. 

On today’s episode Cindy dreams of her father asking for his shoes, she would like to know the interpretation of  the dream. Apparently he dad fall outside o their house near the toilet and he died.

It is so sad when a family is bewitched to loose focus and being stagnant  becomes normal  but there comes a day when enough is enough

On almost every episode of Dlozlam you'll learn that 90 percent of our problems stem from not having proper relations with our ancestors, unopened communication channels but not witchcraft.

Even in death this guy isn’t over his cigarette addiction, apparently he wants his son to smoke on his behalf. The part were the father said to the boy take this clothes and wear them when looking for a job was priceless.

The way the girls family is shook with all the revelations Sis Thembi gave to them is all the confirmation I needed to know that her gift is Solid wow I'm shocked.

Today i learned that most of the many people who can't find jobs their houses are tied up,so heartbreaking . Ladies, Stop using herbs unnecessarily because you'll end up using wrong ones that will cost you big time .


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