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Opinion: How Can A Man Cheat On A Beauty Like Londie London? Can A Woman Ever Be Enough For A Man?

Hello folks I’m back with another intriguing question. How can hlubi nkosi cheat on a beautiful and well-endowed woman like Londie London? I mean not only is Londie exquisitely beautiful, and gifted with a well-rounded body, but she is also a career woman who is safe to say is successful. I don’t know about you but I know a lot of men who would give their left kidney to date such a beauty as Londie.

But here we are Businessman Hlubi Nkosi is the lucky man who managed to win Londie’s heart, and not only did she give him love, but she gifted him with a beautiful baby girl, and it has been made known on the latest season of RHOD that Londie was expecting yet baby number 2. What was supposed to be good news for Londie and Hlubi has now turned into a nightmare as Hlubi has been alleged to have been cheating on Londie for a period of 2 years, and this is just resurfacing now while londie is pregnant with his second child. The lady that Hlubi is alleged to be cheating with for 2 years is being said to go by the name of Phumla M, and she is also alleged to be pregnant with Hlubi’s child as well. The nerve of a man right? Like how do you cheat on your pregnant wife and impregnate a side-chick as well that is just so low of him. But this shows that no matter how hot you are, smart may you be, well rounded as you may be, no lady can ever be enough for a man who doesn’t know what he wants. Our hearts goes out to Londie and may she find a resolution to this situation that she is faced with during her pregnancy. It just shows that you can never be enough for a rich man who can buy his way into any lady that he desires.

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