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Is Dr malinga going broke? The Sheriff visited Dr Malinga's house and repossessed his furniture

The Sheriff visited Dr Malinga's house and repossessed his furniture.

It is said his furniture and appliances are going on auction next week.

Dr Malinga, most people know him as an energetic man who comes into the show packed with flamboyant yet crazy dance moves without forgeting his amazing music.

 Not all broke musicians remain broke, but the road to recovery is harder than the fall to financial ruin. It's not uncommon for an artist to rise to stardom fast, and with that fast rise to fame comes quick fortune.

Many people who did not grow up with wealth are not prepared or educated on how to handle money. If you are someone who does not have much financial knowledge, the best thing you could do is to have a plan on what your goal is. The goal must be attainable for your time and budget you have.

In my experience, most people are very resistant to change, especially when it comes from their financial life. Financial knowledge is the key to being successful in any aspect of life and most importantly, in the financial arena. Be aware of where you stand and be confident that your plan will work for the long run.

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