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Divorce Affair

"Am Sorry For Cheating On You With Your Best friend, Forgive Me I Will Do Anything For You ", Man

Salome was heartbroken when she discovered her lover Victor having an affair with her closest friend Sheila in their own home, which they had built together. After returning to get an umbrella because it was pouring, Salome was surprised to discover them and decided to go immediately without looking back.

This wasn't the first time she'd caught him in the act of committing a crime. She had found him cheating with the same Sheila girl at a friend's house, and she was furious.

His excuse today is that it was a moment of weakness on his part, for which he expresses regret. He states that he is still madly in love with Salome and that he still wishes for her to return to him so that they can rekindle their romantic relationship.

Salome was quite upset about what her lover had done, and she stated that she did not require an apology and that she would never forgive him.

Victor insisted on his point, but Salome had not come to accept his apology. She felt betrayed and very hurt, and despite Victor's entreaties, she was not ready to forgive him for what had happened.

Victoire is resentful that Victor damaged her relationship with Sheila, believing that Sheila's parents had connections, and that she would have been able to land a better position with Sheila's assistance.

Salome has made it apparent that she is not ready to forgive Victor, and that their relationship is officially finished.

What are your thoughts? Is Salome's decision a reasonable one? Is there a valid cause for her to be enraged with Victor for betraying her by bringing her best friend along with him? Leave a comment down below and subscribe to my newsletter for future posts.


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