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For Your Entertainment, Here Are 31 Funny Pictures And Jokes

We must constantly push worry and tension out of our minds. Looking at hilarious photographs and jokes is one of the ways we can distract ourselves from our sadness. The following is a collection of amusing images and jokes. Akpos underwent heart surgery after accumulating sufficient funds through his post-retirement pay-off. Following that, they had a talk.

AKPOS: Doctor, I'm terrified; I've never done anything like this before, and I've heard it's killed people before.

DOCTOR: You shouldn't be concerned at all, stated the doctor bravely.

AKPOS: But why do you want to be a doctor? Akpos inquired, his voice trembling.

DOCTOR: Out of all the surgeries that have been performed in my facility, just one person has been listed as dead.

AKPOS: (Relieved) If I may inquire, how many have you completed so far, doctor?

DOCTOR: The second will be yours.

When Akpos heard that, he passed out! for amusement:

Akpos received a text message from an unknown sender. Hello, sir, and how was your day? I apologize for bothering you. Your phone number was given to me by someone you know. I kindly request your assistance; I require certain funds that are critical to my survival, and I am unsure whether you can help me with any amount, sir. Because I'm deaf, you can communicate with me by text message. The reply was soon responded to by Akpos "Please accept my apologies; I am unable to read what you have written. I'm deaf!"

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