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Meet The Former Kaizer Chiefs Star Junior Khanye Who Lost His R2 Million House After He Did This

Meet The Former Kaizer Chiefs Star Junior Khanye Who Lost His R2 Million House After He Did This

Konka has been seen as place where people blew thousands and millions. Konka are a place where only celebrities spends most of their time. The price of alcohol that people buy is too high. The place has been labeled as the place that only accommodate celebrities. 

We have seen many people blowing millions because they become careless when they see lots of money which they have never touched in their whole life. Today we also come across Former Kaizer Chiefs star, Junior Khanye who also was one of people who blew millions after getting RAF money. Former Kaizer Chiefs star, Junior Khanye was once involved in terrible car accident which nearly cost his life. He is one of few people who came up to speak and give advice to people who drink and drive after being g under the influence of alcohol. 

Junior Khanye is not someone new in the sports industry. He is a Former Kaizer Chiefs player whom his career came to an end after being involved in an accident. Junior did not blew R2 million because of alcohol, he was under the influence of alcohol which is the reason of the accident. During that time, he lost his R2 million and the most expensive car which he was driving. 

Junior Khanye is currently one of the people who are campaign Konka because they saw the need. Many people are spending lots of money getting drunk each day at Konka. He is a witness of alcohol which cost his life to be miserable. 

This is not about the Former soccer star Junior khanye being a legend or who misused his/ her money its a campaign to help the upcoming once. This people had bad times and good times. They do have their own mistakes but it's not a crime to help others. We should take advice from those who had the same luxury lifestyle as them but still maintained their discipline. 

Those at least will tell people how they managed to fight off all the pressures. They should teach black people how to manage money since most of these guys came from poor households, therefore money was bound to excite them n make unruly buying patterns.


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