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EtvScandal|| Layla drugged Gloria and kidnapped her so that she could confess about Quinton’s death

Layla only wants justice for her son, Quinton. Since Caiphus confessed half of the truth, she wanted the whole of Kubheka family to pay for covering her son's death so she decided to drug Gloria and make her confess. Gloria drank the spiked tea and she dozed off. She took her to a storeroom and when she woke up, she saw Layla.

Layla demanded answers from her hut she didn't say anything. Layla left her there to go look for things that she would use to torture Gloria with. Dintle saw Layla with the torturing things and followed her. She got there in time, when Layla was about to start torturing Gloria. She stopped her and told her that it was not worth it. Gloria was happy that Dintle was there to help her. She was very grateful to Dintle because she was terrified of Layla. She should just be glad that Zen is in jail.Source:

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Caiphus EtvScandal|| Kubheka Layla Quinton


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