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Mbali is tired of being hidden by Daliwonga and she knows about Tarryn who is also dating him

Daliwonga in a love triangle

Daliwonga is a well know vocalist to the new genre of Piano music. Dalinga is one of the top artists in the industry today. Daliwonga and his girlfriend Tarryn have taken it to social media to confirm their relationship 3 days ago. Daliwonga did not say that he has another girlfriend named Mbali.

Mbali took it to social media saying that she is tired of being hidden by Daliwonga and she wants the world to know her who she is. Will Tarryn break up with Daliwonga because of Mbali confessing that she is also dating him.

Both of these women are beautiful and they both seem to be love Daliwonga. Mbali does not care about what other people say, it looks like she wants to be the main woman to Daliwonga 's life. Tarryn is the one who has been dating Daliwonga for months now.

In my opinion I think he needs to choose who he really wants to be with, because they both seem to be happy around him. Mbali wants to be loved and showed to the public just like Daliwonga does with Tarryn.

Dating two women at the same time it is not always a good idea because one woman will be left heartbroken. Mbali is trying to avoid being used that is why she is coming forward and telling people that she is tired of being a hidden girlfriend. Mbali is beautiful and she deserves someone who will not hide her but love her in public as well.


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