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The big hash ended J Molly's career with " How to kill a dead body "

Just a few days ago the entertainment industry went crazy after the revelation of the new young stars beef .

The Big hash and J Molly, these young stars started the who thing on Twitter and it dragged on to Instagram and Facebook fans started getting involved and it got worse way out of hand .

The big hash wrote a fire diss song to J Molly that left everyone wondering if J Molly will survive the song.

Just a few days later J Molly responded with a psychopath hot diss song that talked about ending the big hash career . The big hash did not respond immediately he went down for a little while and started Twitting about the beef thing.

Just a few hours ago the big hash responded with a massive diss that left everyone in shock , here are few lines of the song the big hash wrote :

All that gossip you did on your last song done turned you into a blog

You should’ve been overseas

Instead you act like a broad

You rap like iOS 8

I became what you should've been

Like how many other Mollies I gotta finish to pop?

Boy you should've stuck to Pop

Now you wanna be opps

I'm really bout the wrap

You the type to run the cops

Prosthetic B. Rabbit

You'll never be Hip or Hop

You had to resort to info you picking up on the block

“He say, she say?”

We don't play those games

You prehistoric pre-school H-A-S-H

If I never said anything, you wouldn't be trending

Enjoy it while it last, your career's at its ending

That is the fire song that left everyone wondering if the J Molly will be able to come back from that .

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