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MY TYPE, MojaLove fans react

Ever since the premier of Moja Love's new dating show "My type" which is hosted by the popular South African comedian Trevor Gumbi and Lebogang Makutu.

Trevor Gumbi who steers the show from the stage platform while co host Lebogang Makutu gets to know the contestants from backstage. There are also dancers who keep the show busy and keep the audience entertained. There is never a dull moment and always something to laugh about. Check how fans reacted to the recent episode:

Are this dancers really necessary? I can't get used to them shaMe, nna bang Bora yoh.#mytype

This band reminds me of the church I was attending before they cut me off because of umjolo # mytype

Precious for women's league, social distancing corona #mytype

Just imagine singing and dancing, pick up lines for India e dye ukhakhayi.-- #mytype

Barber: what do you want. Him: You know Duracell battery? . Barber: say no more #mytype

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