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“Metro FM Is Toxic And I Am Glad I Left”, Says Pearl Thusi After Dineo Ranaka’s Suspension

Media personality Pearl Thusi left Metro FM to protect herself from any negative energy and treatment that may come from working from Metro FM, she stated,”One of the best things I ever did for my self esteem and growth was to leave metro fm. It’s one of the decisions I’m proudest of. I hope Dineo is ok.”, she said all of that upon hearing that the media personality Dineo Ranaka has been suspended from Metro FM for doing the Umlando Challange at the office furnitures. The Umlando Challenge is one of the best abs highest praised dance challenge currently in South Africa , and all individuals are engaging into the challenge.

One of the reporters who has inside information regarding the story of what has happened to Dineo reported, “Metro FM is said to have suspended Dineo Ranaka due to misconduct. This comes after she filmed herself dancing on top of office furniture at the SABC studios for #UmlandoChallenge.” The Umlando challenge is one of the challenges that helps people revive their energies and forget a bit about their life problems and also engage in social challenges that are happening, however SABC and Metro FM sees that differently since of of the Radio personality engaged herself to the challenge and then started dancing on to of the furnitures. People go on top of the roofs to do the challenge and most refer it it as “the fun” part of it.

One of the top Twitter influencers Chris Excel differs from the other people who are not happy with the decision that has been taken by Metro FM to suspend Dineo Ranaka, he tweeted,”Dineo Ranaka suspended at Metro FM for twerking at the work place!, Good job Metro FM for installing dignity at the work place! Umsebenzi akyona indawo yokdunusa umuntu ofuna udunusa akavule onlyfans!!”

He furthermore assumed that Dineo is the one who is in control at her household and that she must not take such tendencies to the workplace, “The problem with Dineo Ranaka she is a boss in that Ranaka family and to her man, She came with that mentality of thinking she is boss also at Metro FM, Metro FM Yathi... "Hold my beer... Akyona indawo yokdunusa lena!!".

Even though some think that Chris is right to rubbish the behavior of Dineo Ranaka at work, some have labeled it as hate towards the radio presenter. Dineo is within her rights to engage in challenges but she must respect the companies properties. “Here's my opinion, I love Dineo Ranaka but she shouldn't have done that at her workplace. It's unprofessional. I hope this suspension will teach her a valuable lesson.” Says one tweep.

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