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Ufelani| Mzansi react to tonight's episode - Opinion

Exactly and it was a murder case ... It was probably the family because the way the sister spoke of Ntombi okare she doesn't wanna to admit to the fact that Lethabile was also toxicThis was a whole lot 💔

Who withdrew the charges though on what grounds because Rethabile died and Ntombi killes him #UfelanWait, so the sister is telling the story from Rethabile's side and Ntombi is telling it how she experienced it? #ufelani you've watched #WivesWithKnives you'd understand when she says she doesn't remember how she stabbed him. That happens a lot when one keeps bottling things inside, you'd snap over a small thing when you've taken all that you could. 🥺💔

#UfelanIt’s so scary how someone who claims to love you can just switch up on you like that #UfelaniTW/ It's scary to know when people meet someone or start mjolo, they can never know if they are meeting their abuser or murderer.💔 #UfelaniTheir families think they are angels and you are the devil 😂😂😂 it becomes worse if even ur own family believes them and not u. Thats why I'm very grateful for my day ones who ride or die with me.Abusers and narcissists know how to hide their behaviour when you are together in public well. You look like a fool when you report it to other people. #UfelaniFrom what I get from this whole story it seems she was also toxicYoh Ntombi should’ve just left as soon as the first red flag got shown 😭 #UfelaniThis season it show as much the are women who lost their lives in a hands of a men same apply as men let's stop killing each other guys #Ufelani

Indeed, criminals and thugs are our friends and family members but we worship themWhilst we critic SAPS on its failures to deal effectively with such cases, we need to also ensure communities play their parts too & help in fighting this scourge #Ufelani

True. But also this decision has to come from the victim. Mentally the victim should understand what's at stake. Maybe be empowered if I say that cos most of the times it's dependency that makes people to stay. I stayed for 3 years because I saw no me without him.Yes My Sister this one needs the whole nation to hold hands and move against #StopGBV🇿🇦In a toxic relationship, someone always ends up hurt or dead. Don't wait for a self defense case. Leave. #UfelaniToday's episode reminded me of Nelisiwe Sibiya's "Mama ka bafana" song😭😪This was so emotional


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