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Soccer Stars And Celebrities Try to Maintain their Status Ending up Broke and Poor

Soccer stars and many of our celebrities, would rather invest in their lifestyle than buying assets which generate income. They want to appear in public and be seen in sport cars, renting expensive flats and wearing designer labels, while their accounts goes dry. This people will do anything to maintain and set standard.

When their career reach a dead end, or being replaced by newcomers they become broke with nothing to show. But there are few things both ordinary people and celebrities can learn about investing in assetts. Instead of renting expensive properties, people should rather buy property.

Many of our talented Soccer stars are broke and have to go back to their backroom houses, while they use to rent R20 000 per month flats. The very same people seek public sympathy, while their ignorance led to their downfall.

For newcomers in the celebrity lifestyle, please remember to invest in as many assets as you possibly can while your career is still bright. Buy assets like property, stock, and other forms of investment vehicles.

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