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More Allegations On TI And Tiny

Jane Doe used to work for Tiny to work as assistant but she was never paid for doing her job. She revealed that in 2014,about 7 years ago. Ti and Tiny forced her to sleep with Nelly, who's also an American rapper. But the question is,is Nelly also accused of rape? Because when you force someone to sleep with you,that is defined as rape.

At this point I feel like they are really trying too hard to destroy the man and his family. Whoever is trying to destroy him,is looking at all angles and I feel like he is making up stories. Nelly is an old man,he can speak up for himself and if he felt like TI was asking him to do something that is above his morals,he would have opened up earlier.

I hope they come up with a solution to all these accusations. A very truthful solution,and that the couple tell their side of the story. No one deserves to go to jail for false accusations and no woman deserves to be raped or abused in any way. So I hope that whatever decision the state makes,is a decision suitable for everyone.

Thank you.

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