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Hilarious Memes To Make You Laugh Till You Drop

1. A home schooling mom posted that her kid called her on the phone from his room and told her that he missed the bus and won't be in today.

2. When I finally figured out what year means and then my kid starts using words like "sus" and "cap".3. I have just finished smoking weed and nothing has happened to me. Anyway I'm home watching Football.4. eating lunch on a unit you've been pulled to and don't know anyone. 5. That awkward moment when you and your best friend saw your EX at the mall with his new girlfriend, and then you're both like...

6. You ever wake up in the morning...look in the mirror and say "that can't be right" 7. This is what happens if you wear crocks all the time.8. and let's add a happy little BBQ Smoker right there.9. And so it begins! Only the very best generations will get this

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