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You Don't Want To Be Kelly Khumalo's Mother Right Now | Opinion

Imagine having two children, and hoping for them to be there for each other until death. It is every mother's desire to have have children get along. However, parents give birth to people, and not the hearts. They don't get to choose how their kids behave and so forth. Imagine being a mother to two kids you love more than anything, and having to see them separately because they decided to divorce each other, and don't want to see each other anymore.

Kelly Khumalo, and her younger sister, Zandile Khumalo who is also believed to be her only sister broke up last year. It has been a year already since the two of them publicly divorced each other. The two are still going on like it is nothing. They both seem to think the other did them wrong.

Last year, Kelly Khumalo and her younger sister, Zandile Khumalo, who is also her only sibling, broke up. It's been a year since the two of them announced their divorce publicly. The two are still acting as if nothing had happened. They both appear to believe the other is to blame for their problems.

People had hoped that the two had resolved their differences not long ago. This was in response to Zandi's photos of Kelly's children hugging her newborn. She did, however, take time to clarify her fans, stating that she and Kelly Khumalo are still at odds, but that whatever they do, they do not involve their children.

Today she took to Instagram, and shared a Tweet by Steve Harvey. The tweet said some people isolate to recharge. She disagreed with it, and said she isolates for life. This only means there's no hope in her and her sister ever fixing things. 

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