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Stunning:Tebogo Thobejane Readies To Play Her Role On Diep City

Created by Postman via opera news hub

Sat, 02 Apr 2022


Tebogo Readies To Kill Her Role On Diep City

"I'm Winning!"

Tebogo Thobejane is as yet gathering her successes in the wake of being hauled for rottenness by her previous best singed, Inno Morolong. The entertainer and moderator will join Diep City as a medical attendant and she was unable to be more joyful.

Tebogo portrays going about as her first love and we got acquainted with her by her personality on Muvhango. The star won't continue on to her next gig which is with Diep City.


"I'm following up on a TV series. I've been on Muvhango. I have two organizations that I'm running. I've quite recently purchased my own property. I'm winning," said an energetic Tebogo to the distribution. "It's anything but a major job yet it was something special. I've been hustling as a kid. I'm a motivation, and individuals are yet to see more from me."

This follows the dramatization she was associated with Inno Morolong. The truth star blamed Tebogo for some things.

She cautioned her that she would uncover her months back yet she at long last did after they had a battle.

"I don't sell my body, I rest great around evening time… my little girl knows one ex of mine. You call me an old cloth however you lay down with 20 people, as a matter of fact, 20 is putting it mildly. A portion of these men you lay down with them without insurance and you're dirty," she affirmed.

"A portion of these men f*ck you in your own home. No man has f*cked me in my own home. You're in any event, remaining with your youngster yet f*ck men in your own home. Unprotected sex you love it kick the bucket. You f*ck similar arrangement of companions, would it be a good idea for me to name drop? I can make reference to the names of the men… that large number of Nigerians and elderly people men. Do you recollect who attached you for your first wristband? You even needed to f*ck companions to get that arm band."

"Shouldn't something be said about the president? What might be said about when you had a three total with your companion and you said she was exhausting in bed?"

She even blamed her for doing substances, "You take out your substances before my kin you're frantic. At the point when I am around your kin act however when you around my kin you get into mischief. That day I slapped you."

However, Tebogo hit back at Inno during a meeting with TshisaLive and said Inno is a harasser, "It's false. Everyone can see what I'm doing. I'm continuously working. She's simply attempting to demolish my standing. I've dated a ton of well off men [but] that doesn't make me a whore. I figure she does a ton of things for likes."

Tebogo has a kid who is 16 years of age and gets harassed at school. She guarantees Inno is the reason for that in light of her unforgiving words, "I can take this, yet my kid can't."

"She's going around maligning my personality. She called every one of my companions, attempted to obliterate every one of my connections. She is only a harasser."

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