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Dj Sbu finally breaks the silence against allegations made by Zahara

Dj Sbu finally breaks the silence against allegations made by Zahara that he ate his money, when they were still working together.

On messiv Metro DJ Sbu says he was silent because he didn't care much about the allegations but it will end up ruining his children life hood, that they will be bullied saying your father ate people's money while I work hard for every thing I had and help a lot of artists who were not known but today getting to lie against me.

Further said Zahara's was getting paid more than what she was agree on on the contract 50/50 with the record label TS, unfortunately Zahara owe us by she doesn't know. Some of the things I didn't want to mention because it will place her in the bad spotlight but we had her back when she was in hospital for a kidney problem because she was drinking alcohol.

No one had her back more than us, the crew she worked with that placed her into the spot light, today she's broke she goes around telling lies that we have her money.

I miss Zahara I wish we could work together again but I wish she could stop telling lies against me, because my children will end up say I ate people's money and that is bad.

DJ Sbu denied the allegations made by Zahara that they owe her money, now it is not clear who is lying and who is telling the truth but because DJ Sbu has a bad record of Taking advantage of artists when they are still upcoming.

This where serious allegations against him and they need to look into the matter to find our, the truth if dj Sbu does owe Zahara money that is alleged to be millions.

Zahara and DJ Sbu.

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