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Uzalo: Nkunzi in bloody war with Umbutho for MaNgcobo when they bay for her blood in prison

It’s a huge event and everyone is in their traditional outfits, happily singing and dancing as the couple exchange vows and profess their undying love again. 

“It’s romantic and perfect and beautiful and this reminds MaNgcobo why she fell for this rough thug in the first place,” says Masoja who plays Nkunzi

But this is soapieland and for the umpteenth time, there’s going to be drama as MaNgcobo is arrested not long after the wedding. 

“Nkunzi is clueless. His bride is in jail for a heist he knows nothing about,” explains Masoja.

But overprotective Nkunzi isn’t going to let his wife rot in prison and being all too aware of Umbutho’s reach, he tries to make sure that she is safe, says Masoja.

 “Umbutho’s vicious leader Mageba (Mike Mvelase) is baying for MaNgcobo’s blood and she might not survive another attack in prison. Nkunzi tries to plead with Mageba for peace but he realises what he’s got to do when Mageba shuts the door, because leaving her in prison isn’t an option.” 

A war against Umbutho and their ruthless leader is going to be a bloody affair, but Nkunzi knows that he will not survive without MaNgcobo at his side. What to do, what to do?

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