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Mzansi Trying To Find Ways In Which They Can Assist Zahara In Her Financial Woes

Being an entertainer doesn't guarantee that one is living a life of success and financial freedom. Many artists and entertainers are struggling, especially in the South African industry. Some of these artists also end up dying poor, mostly because some of them are exploited by the same industry they work for, while others lack financial literacy.

Zahara has been trending these past few days because of her struggles with money. Zahara is currently under a lot of financial stress and crisis. She needs to pay off debts like her house. Unfortunately, the talented singer does not have the money. Zahara came into the entertainment industry and everyone loved her, and her song Loliwe became one of the trendiest songs in the South. She released a handful of hits, and you would think someone like that is not struggling financially.

It was revealed that the artist is about to lose her R1.9 million house in Roodepoort because she is failing to pay it off and she might become homeless because the bank might take it from her and sell it to the highest bidder. Zahara shared that some of her financial struggles were caused by the lockdown, while others were that the recording companies she worked for were still refusing to give her her money.

Zahara has begged the public to assist her and Mzansi in trying to find ways in which to help the singer with her financial woes. Many people are showing support for the artist, and some are suggesting that money should be donated to her. Even account details have been shared on social media. Done suggested that Zahara should host a concert in which she performs all her classics; this might help her raise all the money that she needs in order to pay off her mortgage.

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