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See the picture of the man who demolished his girlfriend's mansion after she dumped him

The country can now see the picture of the man who demolished a luxurious double story house that he had build for his girl.

It is alleged that the man built the house for the women as they were in love but the women cheated on him and dumped him post him building her the luxurious house.

The man I believe heard the message against gender based violence and decided that he will not assault the women and will not hurt her in any way. He just simply hired a TLB and demolished the whole house to crumbles.

The video of of this went viral on social media and even trended.

A second video emerged of the man speaking as he was being interviewed and one of the the thing he said was he didn't want to hurt the women or seen as an abuser and decided just to demolish his house that he built for her and further said that ladies should just stop being deceptive.

The man didn't seem to be bothered by what had happened and was cheerful and smiling.

This is his picture..



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