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Sis Thembi drops a bombshell on Dloz'lami about working wives, see what was said

Sis Thembi drops a bombshell on Dloz'lami about working wives, see what was said

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Last night's (23/11/2021) dlozi on Dloz'lami was so angry he threatened to beat and strike lightning on his wife and daughter. What upset him even more is how his son who suffers from drug abuse is ignored when he's given messages from the spiritual realm. The son, who appeared to have transitioned into a state of being an addict, is the only one who the ancestor spoke to kindly and without harshness.

The old man was even more angry to learn that his daughter got married and did not follow standard procedure to be introduced to her husband's family. He questioned her and demanded to know who the man he sees in his kraal is and why he didn't marry her properly.

What he explained about her marriage, however, left viewers in disbelief. The lady happens to have married into a family who sees wives as needing to be tamed into dependence because independent wives are disrespectful and do not submit to their husbands. The lady's marital ancestors do not allow the wives to work and Sis' Thembi explained that "some families do not allow the wives to work because working wives tend to be disrespectful"

This sent a strong message to viewers, especially women, to research the kind of families they marry into before finding themselves binded to a family with contrasting values than theirs.

Be careful which family you are marrying into. Apparently some family underground gangs think employed makotis are disrespectful. #DlozLami @Mbali_Ndlela

One of the reason most people don't entertain ancestors is because of such do's and dont's, they are confusing and actually demand a lot" @NgoepeMoloko

So from this, can I suppose that knowledge does not increase after death? The underground gang are as uninformed as they were when they were alive @MasterMkhululi


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