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Things You Didn't Know About Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie Revealed

Cedric Fourie, who portrays Lehasa Maphosa on Skeem Saam and Dr. Mthembu on Durban Gen, recently explained who he is behind the scenes, his love life, and passion. He is deeply committed to assisting those from disadvantaged backgrounds. He is also all on recognizing progress in the most unlikely of circumstances.

1 . Fourie says he clothes based on his mood and enjoys experimenting.

"If I'm feeling good and cheerful, and because I'm a storyteller by nature, one can sometimes tell how I'm feeling by how I dress." No one truly inspires my style; instead, I draw inspiration from what I observe around me."

2 His Love Language

He believes that in partnerships, individuals should communicate vocally as well as via actions. "I believe that as people, we must be competent at verbal communication; we must speak what we mean and mean what we say."

3 Moments he will pause or relive

Cedric says he would halt during the virtual graduation ceremony when his name was called as an official University of Cape Town graduate. He would also put a halt to his defecation in Thailand. "I'm going to halt there because that was really incredible."

4 Insecurities

"This is my skin tone. My skin tone is uneven. I despise it so badly." He says that his entire body, from head to knee, is one skin tone, and his calves, as well as his hands, are a shade darker.“I don’t understand why but I just don’t like it. It’s almost like there are two people in one body.”

5 What His Afraid of?

I'd start a scrapyard. I'd then create a gas firm, get a journalism degree, and study economics. He also has a passion for having a baby with someone else."My girlfriend and I often joke about it, but if I wasn't terrified, I'd have a baby with someone else and probably marry my partner."

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