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Hulisani Ravele Finally Finds Love?

Hulisani Ravele made headlines a year ago after her ex-boyfriend Psyfo married Amira, whom he had been dating for over three years. Before that, she was pulled into his engagement, leading others to question whether Psyfo had squandered her life. Hulisani and Psyfo had been together for over ten years. People were not pleased with him when he married Amira after only three years of dating. Hulisani has now introduced her very own "Kevin Costner" to followers, whom she claims she "loves forever." Amira wrote after Psyfo and Amira announced their marriage, "Excellent folks.

Media personality <a class=Hulisani Ravele finding it hard to find love - She has just been dribbled again | Celebs Now"/>

Saturday, November 21, 2020, was the most beautiful day of my life. On top of a mountain in my home province, I married my best friend, and I don't have the words to convey how happy and in love I am with this man who has been so committed and loyal to me. I have a lot of fun and intriguing stories to tell about our wonderful day. Overall, mate, I can't believe we made it." Tweeps, on the other hand, lamented how unfair relationships can be at times "I despise how Psyfo's narrative serves as a constant reminder of how important relationships are in extreme sports.

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You may be with someone for that long and have nothing happen, only to get engaged to someone else in three months and marry them. Guys, relationships are tricky." Surprisingly, Hulisani does not believe Psyfo was a waste of her time. In her interview with Mac G, she stated that if she had set relationship goals, she would not have appreciated the years they spent together.

Media personality Hulisani Ravele finding it hard to find love - She has  just been dribbled again | Celebs Now

"The difficulty is that if you set your benchmark and goal as marriage, children, and a home, you will not enjoy what you have today. And I believe that is true for many of us because the purpose is not to have a relationship with one another as humans. It is not real until I have a ring on it. So, what exactly are you up to? In the end, a marriage is just a relationship with a certificate attached to it for me." She said.


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