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Coming up next on Gomora, Fezile Makhanya joins the show as the main cast.

Arranged performers Aubrey Mmakola and Fezile Makhanya have superseded fan-most adored Gomora characters Melusi and Phumlani who just left the show.

Aubrey Mmakola who is notable for his occupation as PI Ramasha in Skeem Saam joined Gomora as Sibongile's amicable sponsor Mr Leballo, while Fezile's character is at this point foggy at this stage.


Fan-most cherished performer Zolisa Xaluva who expected the piece of Melusi for 2 seasons stood apart as really newsworthy this earlier week when it was uncovered that he was ended right after conflicting with producers.

Watchers of the telenovela took to electronic diversion to discuss their sadness with his exit and mentioned producers to rehire him.

What you should be comfortable with Mr Leballo…

Mr Leballo is a monetary expert who is placing assets into Gomora Highschool's spelling bumble bee competition. He's placing assets into the resistance as a technique for bedeviling little youths into setting down with him.

He has his eyes on Sibongile who's eternity been enthusiastic about the good life as she's continued with this life before her mother passed on.

Sibongile's movement mother Zodwa will perceive her kissing Mr Leballo in May and uncover Mr Leballo at Gomora Highschool.

What the future holds in season 3…

The show similarly revealed that the puzzling individual of 'Mr M' is being played by well known performer Tiisetso Thoka.

'Mr M' is the obscure individual that has been torturing MamSonto towards the completion of season 2. He consumed her taxi and has furthermore been sending her compromising messages.

He will torture MamSonto's family during that season of May and will uncover why he's hellbent on making her life sad.

Thati will be on a shooting gorge in season 3 and will get a social affair of youngsters to work under her.

She will similarly wreck every single person who holds her up as she has lost her ideal accomplice Melusi who saved her life from her harsh mate Phumlani.

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