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Pregnancy period

Kwaito asks Eunice about Pregnancy

Kwaito asks Eunice about her pregnancy

Kwaito gets confused by thinking that Eunice is the one pregnant. When will Pretty tell her family the truth? Will Eunice tell Kwaito what is really going on?

I think Kwaito will first be disappointed finding out that Pretty is expecting a baby but evenually as time goes he will accept it because he does have a good heart.

If Eunice doesn't know that Kwaito doesn't have a clue with Pretty's situation she might spill the beans to Kwaito.

In my opinion since Pretty doesn't know who her baby dad is i thinknits goig to be a problem for her wih her family and the community of Turf because they are goig to ask a lot of questions on how did she end up in this kind of a situation.

Kwaito needs to get to the bottom of this issue of her sister before maNtuli gets back to her house.


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