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King Monada left everyone with question mark on Facebook after saying this

South African artist King Monada left people talking after his post on Facebook about God and Satan.

Here is what King Monada wrote on his Facebook that got people talking.

'I've always wanted to know what transpired between God and Satan, so today I had an amazing interview with them. Guys, I heard Satan's side of the story, the Niggar was framed'.

King Monada's post left people with stitches, Monada's fans showed how they love him and his music. Monada in most cases you will always find him socializing with people, he likes to share jokes a lot even in his community he stays with his friends and socializes. It is very rare to find King Monada at home alone, he is always with his Friend Peulwane.

Most of the people started to suspect Peulwane to be Monada's father, this comes after he was always spotted with him in most cases. King Monada is a caring and loving person who adopted a mentally disturbed guy and clean him up, spend more quality time with him. The community loves king Monada too much because he doesn't distance himself from them.

King Monada in most cases loves to share jokes with his fans, those who don't know him well may end up thinking that he is mentally disturbed. Monada is not a person who loves to hold grudges, after his fight with Makhadzi about Ghanama ownership, he made peace with her and wished her good luck on his way to Malawi to perform.

However, other people took his joke seriously and they believe that people no longer fear God, they have no respect for God. Some of King Monada's fans asked him to apologize to God for what he just said.

Those understand that King Monada was joking, they only asked if he is the one who wrote that English or he asked someone to write it for him. Mnzasi believes that King Monada and Makhadzi they're not capable of writing proper English.

Facebook comments:

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