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Check Out 2 Popular Singer That Did Unusual Things That Is Not Real On Their Body, Just For Fame

Check Out 2 Popular Singer That Did Unusual Things That Is Not Real On Their Body, Just For Fame

1) Lil Nas

Montero Lamar Hill, known by his stage name Lil Nas X, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Few months ago, he uploaded different pictures and videos of himself which depicted that he was pregnant. The rapper took the photos to promote his new album coming out later this month, referring to the project as “his baby”. Taking the phrase literally, the rapper released a pregnancy photo shoot. People actually didn't believe this one because they knew it was impossible for a man to become pregnant.

This however didn't stop him from trending, as they kept wondering what he was up to. He has however gone back to posting normal photos of himself, which sarcastically means that he has given birth to his child, which is his album. Lil Nas X was never actually pregnant, but there's a reason he's been posting pics of himself with a very real looking baby bump. He also made a video of himself going to the delivery room, to give birth to his album.


2) The Weeknd

The Weeknd is a popular American musician. He is one of most loved artist and ever since he landed in the industry he has been accepting awards after awards. His fans is still left with questions behind his face. Fans still want to know what really happened to his face.In January this year, he took to his instagram page to show off his new look, which is the picture above. It got his fans worried, as many of them thought he actually went for a surgery to look like that. No body know that he did not go to do surgery but he rather outdo make up. He did it for publicity of his song which he later released.

It is said that after he released the song, it topped charts and performed extremely well where he gain lots of popularity. Barely any weeks after the fact, he delivered pictures of himself which showed that nothing really happened to his face. It was simple for individuals to accept he went for a medical procedure since they realize how some American famous people could choose to do something common to their body


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