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These are grave accusations. Consider what was published about Connie that stunned people.

These are grave accusations. Consider what they published about Connie that stunned people.


The things they say to please people will land them in trouble, they need to restrict or think before they say things since they might be saying something jokingly and people take it seriously, they don't mind making unfounded allegations to be funny, but there should be a limit.

Connie Ferguson recently lost her life's love, so many things had to be put on hold while she grieved, including employment and social life, but she has now decided to return to work and boxing. It's wonderful she's doing something to keep her mind busy and avoid overthinking.

People noticed something about her trainer and had a lot to say about it as they started saying the guy looks like Shona is Connie trying to replace Shona by going after a man who looks like her late husband, while some people said is too early for her to move on.

This two killed Shona Ferguson to be together, yet it's alleged Shona died of Covid, so even if this is true, how could she have done that?

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On the other hand, people on social media don't think, and you can't just accuse somebody without any proof. Then, when Connie decides to suit them, they'll complain about how callous Connie is, forgetting that they began it all.

There's nothing wrong with kidding about now and then, but some matters require seriousness.

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