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"Mam'Mbete helped me get funds" said natasha

Actress Natasha Tahane led the Twitter trend on Saturday morning after an interview with MacG's Podcast & Chill. After contacting politician Baleka Mbete, she revealed that she had received more than a million rand government funds. 

 Desmond Tutu's granddaughter, Natasha, told MacG when she went to the United States in 2017 that she needed help funding her research at the New York Film Academy. 

 She then added that she "phoned" Barreka and asked her to collect money for her studies. Barreka reportedly contacted the arts department to arrange money for Natasha's research. 

 Barreka was then President of Parliament and Chairman of the ANC. 

 "I asked Mama Barreka (Mubete) and said,'Mom, I have to go back to school. I was accepted ... I don't know what to do, but can I get some money?" And they were able to help, "she shared and showed in a podcast how" easy "Natasha was for her. Government when many others-in worse financial conditions-have difficulty. 

 For her defense, Natasha went to Twitter and shared a screenshot of the email she sent to the department, probably unanswered ... Until Barreka intervenes. 

 "I applied for funding, but no one answered, until the school helped me contact the department," she wrote. Natasha's explanation did not pity her on the tweepe. 

 Most people, except for a few who said she wouldn't blame her for using the available connections, how either Natasha, the department, or Barreka would make Natasha's money to the United States. Tweeted about what should be explained to the name

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