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Uzalo fans not happy with the new character and calling it a "joke" is this the end of road?

Recently Uzalo announced that the is going to be a new character joining them and the new character is none other than the famous and a rich shauwn Mpisane. As much as many were looking forward to watch and see which role she will be playing some were not too happy. After the airing of the episode in which shauwn famously known as mamkize was introduced as a woman interested in buying kwamashu kingdom church. Many fans had too many comments regarding it and some are not too happy. They had questions like when dis she become an actress, some fans went as far as calling Uzalo a what do you think of the new character, was it a good decision or a trap to failure? Fans have so many expectations and if they are not met they tend to complain a lot. Please leave a comment below and express how you feel about mamkize joining Uzalo.


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